Rowan Specialism: Artwork (Physical & Digital)

Instagram: rowanbriggssmith_

For Rowan, a balance of being creative in the physical and digital world has always been important – one feeds off the other. In the physical world she enjoys developing skills in watercolour, acrylic, oil, graphite, coloured pencil, pen and ink. In the digital world she continues to develop her skills creating and editing images in Photoshop and other image manipulation software. Rowan enjoys experimenting with different scales, and styles, finding what will work best for a particular purpose. Also in her spare time, Rowan likes to practise the piano, and enjoys creative writing.

Rowan enjoys working alone, and setting herself targets or projects helps keep her motivated and focussed. She also enjoys working as part of a team on collaborative projects where she can combine skills with friends.

“For me, working on different projects at the same time helps me feed my creative energy. I seem to work best in short bursts on one thing or another, so I like to have several things on the go at once. The variety keeps me interested meaning I feel that I can keep going and create a better outcome.”