StoryBoard Part Two: How To Be A Creative Producer

  • Opening Sequences: How to Be A Creative Producer

  • Scene 1: We All Consume Vast Amounts of Digital Information

  • Scene 2: Creating Stuff Can…

  • Scene 3: So How Can We Become More Creative (& Produce Stuff)?

    Let us introduce you to:

    “The Universal Laws of Creativity” (clip 1)

    Creativity is a process – if we understand the process we can be more creative!

  • Scene 3 Part 1: Fill Your Funnel

  • Scene 3 Part 2: You Give Yourself Space to Think

    So, every day you fill your funnel with good stuff. But how does this turn into YOUR ideas? When and where do ideas come from?

    Know This!

    There are 2 main ways we can give ourselves space for ideas to arrive…

    The 1st is to “play” & the 2nd is to occupy your mind and body elsewhere…
    1. How playing helps you find ideas (or ideas find you)
    2. How to occupy mind and body elsewhere helps ideas land…

    What both playing and occupying mind and body have in common, is that they connect you to the friction-based world. (unless “playing” for you is a digital thing!).

  • Scene 3 Part 3: You Have an Idea...

    Trust in even the smallest idea. If you ignore small ideas, you don’t allow them to grow.

    Ideas snowball the more you tune in to them…

  • Scene 3 Part 4: You Try Stuff

    This is your act of faith… from small idea in your head to trying something in the world.

    This is where the Ogres can really kick in! (You’ll meet them soon don’t worry!).

    Your fingers might hurt, your feet might hurt, your brain might hurt… your mind struggles to connect ideas with reality…

    Things aren’t the same as they were in your head… it comes unpicked… But you keep going…

    It might be frustrating (as ideas in your head meet physical realities and limitations), but it might also be exciting.

    It will probably go wrong; it usually does. It’s part of the process, but it gets you to the next stage!

  • Scene 3 Part 5: You Reflect

    What do you like?
    What went wrong?
    What do other people think?
    What do you need to revisit?

  • Scene 3 Part 6: You Try More Stuff

    Keep going…

  • Scene 3 Part 7: You Start All Over Again

    Keep Going…

  • Scene 3 Part 8: The Sharing Stage!

    However small… however scary… start to share – with a friend, with likeminded people, or with strangers!

    You will get a reaction, even if just one person likes what you do, it will encourage you.

    It connects you to the world, and you are becoming a creative producer!

  • Scene 4: Recognise the Things Which Hold Us Back!

    Let Us Introduce the “Ogres on Your Shoulder”

    We all have Ogres… you might recognise yours, and find out how to deal with it!

  • Scene 4 Part 1: Ogre Number 1

  • Scene 4 Part 2: Ogre Number 2

  • Scene 4 Part 3: Ogre Number 3

  • Scene 4 Part 4: Ogre Number 4

  • Scene 4 Part 5: Ogre Number 5

  • Scene 4 Part 6: Ogre Number 6

  • Scene 4 Part 7: Ogre Number 7

  • Scene 5 Part 1: We All Have the Capacity to Be Creative

    We just need to find out “thing”
    The clue is in the things you like and in your role models…
    Who or what do you like?
    Who or What do you want to be?

    Words and people?

  • Tips!


    get lluis to make big letters?

  • Scene 5 Part 2: Collaborate

    Collaborate! Find a friend, Form a Team. Things happen when people get together. The end result can be bigger than all the parts. Support each other and…

    (Puppets at a band)

    Need to make: Drums, Mics, keyboard etc

  • Scene 5 Part 3: Have fun



  • Scene 5 Part 4: Take risks

    Take Creative Risks – Why Not? Forget the “Right Answer” & explore another route

    Parkour puppet…

  • Scene 5 Part 5: Use social media

    Use Social Media for Your Own Benefit!
    To Inspire not Drain

    Follower “Inspirers”

  • Scene 5 Part 6: Digital Has Us In Its Grips…

    Why Digital has us in its grips… until you get off your phone or consume digital more mindfully – no space for other stuff to happen… You have to create SPACE for the next stage to happen…

    Be aware of the “tug” of digital…

    Tug of war? Puppets and big phone?

  • Scene 5 Part 7: Remember!

    Creative Producers are brave, optimistic people!
    Keep it Light, Keep it Fun.
    Explore, be open, be enthusiastic…

    Just to camera?

  • Credits!

    Dancing puppets?