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The #BeACreativeProducer Team
The #BeACreativeProducer Team
The #BeACreativeProducer Project started in June 2018 when 5 teenagers (Alex, Amelia, Immy, Lluis and Rowan) led by Paula Briggs from AccessArt, began on a journey to make animations designed to inspire creativity in other teenagers.
The teenagers have been meeting each week after school and at weekends to combine their creative skills in the physical and digital world to make the animations. Their interests include woodwork, craft, dance, painting, drawing, printmaking, calligraphy, drama, playing instruments, composing music (physically and digitally), and photo and film editing. All these skills have been brought together to make the films and animations.
The teenagers have also been involved in the brainstorming, concept development, marketing and PR of the project. They have presented workshops and talks for others, and written articles.
The team have already enjoyed many successes along the way. They have run a successful crowdfunder, organised a competition, presented at the Houses of Parliament, run a workshop at the Arts PictureHouse Cambridge, organised a Launch Night at Cambridge Junction, created lots of resources to support an exploration of animation and been nominated for a National Learning Award!
And of course created over 25 minutes of animations to inspire others!