The #BeACreativeProducer Project

The #BeACreativeProducer Project is a creative learning project devised and managed by UK charity AccessArt, together with a group of five teenagers.
Introduction to the #BeACreativeProducer Project
The aim of the project is to inspire and enable 11 to 16 year olds to develop their creativity. The focus of the project is film and animation, both of which are perfect mechanisms to bring together a wide range of creative skills, including visual arts, music, dance, drama and craft. The #BeACreativeProducer project encourages teenagers to work collaboratively, or alone, to create film and animations about the things they care about, and so helps young people develop their voice.
The project also helps teenagers balance their experience of the digital and physical world to feed their creativity.
See the film and animations made by the team to launch the project, and inspire your own #BeACreativeProducer journey.
The videos and animations fall into two parts: Part One is a quiz to help you think about your attitude to digital media and creativity, and Part Two explores the benefits to teenagers of being creative, how we can help ourselves become more creative, and what kinds of things might hold us back.
You might like to watch the animations at home, or use them in assemblies or workshops to inspire your own creative journey. Teacher, facilitators and parents may like to explore the #BeACreativeProducer pages on AccessArt
Once you have watched our animations, think about how you might like to undertake your own creative journey – we have created lots of resources to help you explore animation on the AccessArt website.
Finally, enjoy browsing animations made by others and inspired by our project, and then see our latest call and join us, and make your own animations about things you care about, and share them with us!
So, what will your #BeACreativeproducer journey be?